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We Recycle Materials from Shingles and Metal to Wood and Cardboard 

The Place to Take Your Construction and Demolition Debris

Coble’s Sandrock Inc. is a privately-owned and -operated landfill in Liberty, North Carolina. We serve as a landfill and recycling center for all construction materials, including rubble, dirt, concrete, asphalt, roofing, incidental stumps and brush. We also recycle plasterboard, drywall and anything else you are demolishing in a construction project. In addition to our landfill, we have top-quality sandrock and recycled crushed concrete for sale.

As a LEED-certified and CDLF-licensed business, we also recycle construction materials such as wood, concrete, asphalt shingles, metal and cardboard. Whether you are a private contractor or a big construction company, when you need a place to take your debris and unused construction materials, give us a call.

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Keep in Mind, We Do Not Accept All Materials

Our team at Coble’s Sandrock Inc. is dedicated to keeping our landfill and recycling center as well organized as possible, while maintaining a resourceful environment for the local construction industry. Our team is happy to accept items that are easily broken down, recyclable and reusable and can be safely decomposed in our landfill or reused in our recycling center.

Some materials we do not accept include the following:
• Air conditioners/Refrigerators • CFC/HCFC Refrigerant Appliances • Asbestos 
• Contaminated Soil • Barrels • Drums • Chemicals • Toxic or Medical Hazardous Waste • Garbage or Perishables (Municipal Solid Waste) • Yard Debris • Liquids or Soupy loads • Tires, Batteries • Fluorescent Light Fixtures/Bulbs • Radioactive Materials • Creosote Timbers 

For more information about the materials we accept, give us a call.  
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